Pristine Bantayan

How i wish i had the opportunity before to travel and enjoy this beautiful and pristine beach of Bantayan way back early 2000s, but hey friends I have no regrets i can always pack my bag and stay there for a night or two.



My North Luzon Adventure – Palaui Islands

Planned to visit the island like two years ago and was cancelled for some reasons…

I booked my ticket Manila to Tuguegarao last year given i wasn’t fortunate to get Batanes(top on my list to visit in 2015) to i decided to try my luck with my second bests, yahoo!

With a lot going on at the office (i have no regrets nor questions)…packed my bag and took the challenge to go on a solo trip to the North.

Friends provided details of tour package, hostels, food, and others, I ended up contacting a very nice Kuya Nanding who gave me information as to how much will be the estimated amount minus food and hostel. It was way above high my budget and I can’t afford, I used my little knowledge in haggling and all, he decided to do his best to tour me within my budget and no worries needed. On top of his assurance was the generous offer to stay at their humble home to save more for the hostel for a night or two. I am in my right mind to say YES! It’s an offer a backpacker will never pass.

The hospitality shown by the Nanding Cabutin’s Family was superb, I am forever grateful!


one stop Cafe in Dipolog

Rainy and busy afternoon when we arrived in Dipolog City, the town next to Dapitan and it was the feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. Made a quick stop at the church for love and prayers to most beautiful Mama Mary.




Gabby’s college classmate opened this one stop cafe at the boulevard, you can literally find Asian Coffee, pastries, pizza, chips, shakes, sioma, and a lot more. Added attraction is the interior based on one of our favorite childhood book. The food was okay and it is more of the ambience that made us stayed for hours aside from the rain and wind outside.








another Run or Die #outbreakmanila2014

it was the nth time we joined Run for your Life Run adventure at Outbreak Manila. i still can remember the first two years ago in Nuvali, Laguna. I can see marks printed on my legs and arms after the life chasing experienced not to mentioned the image i still carry 5 mins after gun start. Seeing the 20 to 30 plus zombies waiting and boom the barricade fell they are ready to eat all of us. 

’nuff said about the haunting outbreak 1…we decided to meet up early for parking, dinner and some rituals. Had dinner at Jollibee and waited 30mins after for the registration booth to start completing the kits. 

Experienced exciting routes, mind blowing decision makings, calm and active zombies adnd new friends along the walls of Intramuros


Magayon… my weekend stop @Bicolandia – Naga

during my pencil pushing days…i always love History and stuff. I even considered myself as the class historian, not to bragged got the elementary award for it and during high school i also was one of the top students.

Nuff said, but seeing Mt. Mayon once named “7 Wonders of the World and the other with Almost Perfect Cone” was a long overdue dream.

Booked my ticket last year for me to add a check on my list, After a number of blog sites to check on and compare to, wallah!!! i was on my way to Bicol Region. Flight was around 8AM MNL and i was rushing straight from work not to miss my flight.


Arrived late morning and greeted by a cloudy Legazpi City. Mayon was so shy when i first attempted to take pic at the Airport. I directly hopped on the next available UV Van to Naga City and took almost 2 hrs with the traffic on some areas where bridges were under repair and what so other things DPWH were busy of. Took a tricycle going to Naga Land Hotel and paid the regular rate of 8Php. Checked in with no hassle since booking done online and i was given the room on the 3rd Fl for single occupant. I didn’t waste any time freshen up and off to go for my city tour under the gloomy afternoon.


Since my hotel is just few meters away from my first list: San Fransisco Church Ruins -took pictures and offer candles and prayers then crossed the street and enjoyed the Quince Martires Park.


Few hundred meters is the next destination: Naga Metropolitan Cathedral, Holy Rosary Minor Seminar, Archbishops’ Palace, Universidad de Santa Isabel. Rode another tricycle going to Peñafrancia Shrine and walked my way to Our Lady of Peñafrancia Basilica for sightseeing and more prayer offerings. Another walk to Magsaysay St. where coffee shops, restaurants, and bars are located, i found myself dining to their local version of Jollibee the Bigg’s Diner. Ordered spaghetti since i was not the starved. The place was as described by the bloggers, all about 80s its as if you are walking the memory lane. Starbucks was just few steps from the diner and was able to checked it for later. Headed back to the hotel for a quick nap.


Woke up at around 8PM and my tummy was acting already…remembered i listed one name for possible dinner location, the Naga Garden Resto. As mentioned on the blogs it is a carenderia type resto but will satisfy your Bicol cravings and true enough i asked for Laing and Bopis with rice and good thing they had free soup of kinalasan. My consumption for the night was then filled.

Walking through the busy streets of the City pushed my a little closer to the City Hall and Luneta Park. and captured few lights and sights of the Centro.

naga33 naga44 naga66

Still early evening and I was not sleepy yet, so i decided to head to Magsaysay and check few bars with good relaxing music and thanks to the good Kuya . With acoustic and SanMig Apple on my left hand, i managed to make myself comfortable alone. Oh forgot to say the TV was there to entertain me too while the band was on break. Done with a bottle and PBA i took tricycle going to Starbucks for a cup and enjoyed it for an hr or two.

Ended the day tour at Naga with good feeling…from churches to good walk to the city to my fave coffee.

The Great Gatsby 2013 film

I was expecting more and was not disappointed. More is not eenough how big and fabulous the movie was. Leo and Toby were the toppings why? Because the story and flow was fantastically delivered, showcased and portrayed. I may not be in the 1920s but at least for a moment there I experienced how to party and get drunk their way hehehe…


The best part for me was the first meeting after five long years of missing, longing and loving each other. And yes, I cried which I seldom admit in any occasion I watch a movie. Maybe becoz the last time I had tearful moments inside a cinema was Tangled. Anyhow, that perfect timing and raw and honest look to each other reminded me of how true love is and should be portrayed. J Gatbys smile is worth his million… I have no questions about how good Leonardo and Toby in this movie they were superb and brilliant!!! Love the Jazzy sound of Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love and others. Ohwell at the he died…all is well for this movie. For me… The great Gatsby…