that day…iamamarathoner!!!

A day before the most anticipated event of my running life Feb 15, my first MARATHON was a little disaster. Js car broke down on our way to Nuvali and waited few hours to have it fixed but no luck. I decided to commute instead since they already decided not to go. Good thing about commuting to Nuvali is the advantage that you had an experience last time and pretty much hassle free already. I was feeling anxious, sad, tired and almost gave up but I kept my cool and instead continued the road to the finish line.

“That day remains very special to me and if I had one day to live over in my lifetime, it would be my first marathon.” – Dick Traum, first amputee to run the New York City Marathon. I think i’ll ponder on these words… for me it was truly very special, not only i looked forward on seeing and calling myself a marathoner at last.  Like they said, “not everyone can be an olympian, but we can be a marathoner…” true and more truth.

IMG_227737779671 IMG_60763312966893 IMG_150988945663665 DSC_2194-MOTION

Crossing the finish line after more than 5 hours made me a different person. Why? because i saw how hard i pushed and not gave up along the way, though i was not able to end on my target time… still, thankful . I am also more than grateful to all who were there on my training, personal struggle with schedule just to squeeze in my LSDs and gym to the pacers and dream catchers who who willingly and happily cheered and gave their big smiles.


That feeling when you are at the finish line was beyond OHMYGOD #iamamarathoner…raising the TBR banner was one of my favorite moment of my LIFE. Yes, i did it right the first time!!!…my first @TBRDREAMMARATHON.


one Road… The Bull Run Dream Marathon

i’ve been running since Elementary days but lost track for years…

a good friend J introduced me be back to one of my passion, RUNNING.

I should say, it is more than a sport but love…from my first 5Km to my 10Km to 16.8Km to 21Km to 32Km one’s dream is to finish a MARATHON. like few of my running friends they fulfilled that one big DREAM at The Bull Run Marathon.

J was kind enough to help out reserve and register our names since the slots were limited.  Six long months was given as the training schedule, includes talk about health, running tips, and some healthy stuff needed to get ready for the big day. And unfortunately, my schedule did not allow me to attend any of the sessions except the last one for the Send-off Party held at Unilab Center in Mandaluyong where runners enjoyed games, photo-ops and received the kits.



Seeing anxious, excited, happy and joy faces made me realized i missed half of road to marathon.

a run with a brand for a cause… Nike #werunmanila

my second time to join Nike WERUNMANILA…

as a brand i personally love Nike, ins’t it obvious? Running with Nike is already part of my lifestyle. I run not only because I wanted to get healthy, but also I want to enjoy friends company, meet fellow enthusiasts and others too.

Nike aficionados are all excited every first week on December…because its our turn not only to show off our brand but also join its annual WeRunManila, this time its more meaningful because it will be dedicate to Yolanda victims and survivors.


Held at Marikina City, not the usual fun run route but we managed to enjoy and complete 10K with a good time.

Enjoyed the freebies and had a sumptuous birthday dinner treat by Joana Azcueta my running buddy.




Another day of fun and joy… why? Because running for personal record is more rewarding if its also for a cause. NaGeoChannelPh sponsored @natgeorun2013, thousands were there to run, have fun, mingle with friends and buddies for this years Earth Day Run at BGC. This will be my third half marathon for the year and I am a bit anxious given I should at least end with a decent time given new course and route, yes there were uphil and downhill. Guntime was moved from 5am to 4am and for us it was good at least if we end after hours it wouldnt be that hot yet. Kalayaan flyover been a friend already since I am in some ways kinda familiar but I wasnt prepared how dark Buendia Ave tho. Anxiety attacked for a second but I managed to kept my cool and continued the race. True enough the new route going to Heritage Park was really something… I wasnt prepared for too much uphill and downhill. Seeing the signage for the finish line on the last kilometer was a relief thinking if I may not end less than my last half marathon at least a decent would be better. But I am thankful ended the race with no major injury and the best part was completing it a minute and a half less than my last… Yahoooo!!




Runner’s Village was almost full when I got there but line was manageable and claimed my loot bag, finisher’s shirt and certificate with minimal queue… thankful I completed the course early. Waited for friends and whoaahh after less than an hour the village was a total chaos as in literary and figuratively hahaha. We decided not to stay too long instead grab some breakfast at Kabisera ni Dencios ordered Letson with Kangkong, two cups of rice and unlimited service water, it was sumptuous I must say.


All in all the day was great and fulfilling knowing I have three trees named as my little give to Mother Earth…til next run. #natgeorun2013@natgeochannelph #running #ilovetorun

Outbreak Manila BGC2

4th successful Outbreak Run… exactly a yr ago when we joined d first

one in Nuvali and I must say I still love the fun, excitement, adrenaline and joy everytime I run thinking zombie will be somewherecready to snatch my flags a.k.a. Life. Running as if its your life at stake is quite different from d normal LSD or marathon, why? Because I sweat more than a pig here and the pumps in my heart did not only double but the meter reader ran out of recordings hahaha… running with J and friends was double the fun given we were together from start to end. I remember the first Outbreak, J and I decided to stick



together whatever happens but hell right after seeing almost 30 walkers made their way by pushing the barricade God knows I went the other way and the rest of the course I ran alone hahahaha and saw each other after the 5k zombie run with one thing “now I know that you gonna leave me if zombies are coming-J” hehehehe. Btw, first timer @bunnyjavier was with us and am pretty sure she had a great time too together with those who decided to run for the first time and first wave with aggressive zombies and sprinter ones… Til next outbreak walkers!!!