#IfIstay #cryVSsob



I cried with the fault in our stars, but sobbing was a thing with if I stay. Watched it to at least get tons of stress out of my system instead a million were added, a pretty bad idea. If I had to add the total minutes I was holding my breath with teary eyes it was like 20-30 minutes. Yes, I can’t stop thinking how I managed the two hour plus movie without losing it all. Pretty hard with temperature twice the normal since few occupied the first screening for the day.

It is a love story, but not only focused on girl and boy affection, but also it depicts a great love story of a family whether you are related by blood or by hobby or by like or by whatever connects you as one. Sacrificing for what you love does not mean you are giving up instead it is making yourself available for another and new adventures.

I always envy friends with great grams and graps relationships because I never had one. I was never close to my grandparents. Maybe the closest grams I had was with my mom’s aunt, my Lola Espie, who passed away more than a year ago. Why I’m saying this because the movie emphasized the wonderful bonding she got with her oldies. I wish I had those moments too.

She maybe was one with her music that made her fight more to survive for love and family and yes, that contributed to my sobbing scenes inside the theater.

All in all I say, its 5 stars for the movie direction, story and appeal! #ifistay #umademecrymore

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Wolfie inside Leonardo de Caprio

I always love watching Leo, always has and always will be. Fascination started like others with Titanic…no question with his good looks coz I bet no one would and will ever dare.

This movie like other de Caprio’s not only showed the best in him but also added more humor, well for me at least….the acting where he crawled like Skylark his daughter as he decribed was hilarious and well portrayed as a super addict, high with Lemmon 714 the legendary drug pill.
Leo’s portrayal as a hungry wolf in this movie was superb, that would convince you to starve as well… to be a millionaire or be rich for that matter. Added by the supporting casts with exceptional attitudes made this craft beyong wonderful at least for me if I am sounding a little bias here.
I would not ask for a better Best actor for this year’s Oscars than the man who gave Jason Belfort himself. Good one!

Pacific Rim 2013 Movie

as if ur back to the 90s.. watching ur old afternoon fave Ultraman, Bioman or Shaider. The monsters and Robots were somewhat patterned I dunno maybe or not. I was waiting someones gonna shout Babylon or Timespace hahaha then something awesome will appear ohwell. The movie was okay okay but not that great but one thing though…. the abs were beast… Lol