My North Luzon Adventure – Palaui Islands

Planned to visit the island like two years ago and was cancelled for some reasons…

I booked my ticket Manila to Tuguegarao last year given i wasn’t fortunate to get Batanes(top on my list to visit in 2015) to i decided to try my luck with my second bests, yahoo!

With a lot going on at the office (i have no regrets nor questions)…packed my bag and took the challenge to go on a solo trip to the North.

Friends provided details of tour package, hostels, food, and others, I ended up contacting a very nice Kuya Nanding who gave me information as to how much will be the estimated amount minus food and hostel. It was way above high my budget and I can’t afford, I used my little knowledge in haggling and all, he decided to do his best to tour me within my budget and no worries needed. On top of his assurance was the generous offer to stay at their humble home to save more for the hostel for a night or two. I am in my right mind to say YES! It’s an offer a backpacker will never pass.

The hospitality shown by the Nanding Cabutin’s Family was superb, I am forever grateful!


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