My Rizal walk @dapitan

always been a Rizalista in my own little way…I admire his life, works and dedication to this country that I considered to join the actual organization before but thank God I did not.

Heard a lot about the city from friends in college, blogs and other print ads that this humble place is nice to visit.

Gabby and I headed to this quiet and laid back city after out Visayas leg last October 5 and 6. From dumsville we found ourselves running to catch the 7AM Cokaliong trip going to Dapitan City. The bumpy boat ride in the middle of the day was new to us, I mean don’t get me wrong but it was really wahhh and whooah and my first time to experience. Enough said, we docked at the port and immediately looked for a ride going to the Hotel I booked online for a day.


Travelbee Hotel is a heritage house of an old clan in Dapitan. The hotel was clean and staff were friendly to give us tips about hows and whats around the city. We checked Kamayan Resto to dine for a late lunch but ended to eat at some carenderia near some State University since the service was too slow and only one old lady attended those who just came in. With less than php200 bill for friend chicken and bbq plus rice we somehow filled our grumbling tummies.


Took tricycle and started our own Rizal walk at the replica of where the great Dr. Jose P. Rizal stayed for years. Few pics were taken as proof that I was here at Rizal’s House where he found and discovered additional and interesting facts about plants, animals and others and also the love of his life Ms. Bracken. After almost an hour of tour with the real Rizalistas we headed back to the city and managed to love every bit of frames we took from the beautiful St. James Parish, to the Parochial School, Rizal Park.


p style=”text-align:center;”>DSC02374 DSC02377 image

Before we called it a night, grabbed BBQ and cold beer…

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