aDD-venture @pinatubocrater

it was a long wish to see the crater of Mt. Pinatubo dubbed as one hell of a monster volcano in the 90s. displacement of locals and other land formation happened after the devastating eruption and changed a lot in their lives. some seen bigger opportunities after the tragedy… and that’s where the Pinatubo Crater adventure started at least.

with my SNR team’s help we were able to form a private tour from office to the crater and paid 2,250.00 PHP / person. scheduled the trip one Sunday morning – March 19. pick up schedule was set 4:30 AM MNL sharp and true enough they were on time. made our way to NLEX with less traffic and whallah we were at the base camp in no time. there were number of adventurers waiting for their scheduled trek, like us they too were anxious how long the walk would be and what will be our expectation along the way.


dusty and long way to the crater, but it was worth the 4×4 travel… seeing different formations beautified after the eruption decades ago were amazing.

the walk after the ride took almost 2 hours…but believe me when i say everything were forgotten the moment i laid my eyes on the beauty of the crater. it was like a GIANT postcard printed infront of me and i was outta words.


we stayed there for lunch which by the way included in our package: local fried chicken plus 1 cup of rice and 1L of bottled water satisfied our hungry tummies.

of course the day and adventure won’t be complete if pictures were not taken…from selfies to groupies to jump shots to look up, look down and some couple shots too.



the day trip were only allowed until 1:30PM, so we decided to trek back to base exactly 1PM with big smiles and satisfaction. Now i can say it was a well-spent weekend!!!Image