Magayon… my weekend stop @Bicolandia – Legazpi

the last two days of my weekend gateaway were the most exciting of all, of course i’ll be painting the city pink? hahaha.

leg001 leg002 leg111

arrived around 3 in the afternoon and headed to check Balai Tinay. Happy to see that the hotel was clean and homey…true enough that staff were friendly and accommodating. i was greeted by the owner himself and surprised they were expecting me since lunch. found myself in a comfy, single bed room with TV, AC and neat bathroom. Freebies on the sala were present; overflowing coffee and tea, WIFI too is reliable but not inside my room.

leg11 leg22 leg33 leg44 leg55 leg222 leg333

After i settled my things, i took a jeep going to Cagsawa Ruins (jeep going north is advisable). dropped off the crossing to Ruins i hired habal-habal going to the location. truly i was astonished and i cant imagine i am adding check to my list. I am here already at Cagsawa Ruins at the foot of the Bell Tower i only knew on my Sibika and Kultura books and some postcards.  stayed for an hour or two for pictures and just to enjoy the scenery.

leg000 leg444 leg555 leg888

My afternoon is not done yet, i decided to check Embarcadero and sea wall of Legazpi. there are few shops and restos where you may stay for dine or shop.

leg2 leg003 leg004

walked my way to Battle of Legazpi Pylon and LCC but i was surprised to experienced the street foods of the city. Saw whole crispy chicken, BBQ bopis, the famous isaw and a lot more.

leg1 leg5 leg6 leg7 leg8

I made sure i am not full since planning to grab a good bite for dinner. nice to see Simple Talk a well-known resto and cafe  in the city. a little dismay that local pizza already unavailable but did not stop me to at least try the house’ best. Steak and Pinangat with Kinalasan soup served with a smile. Tummy was happy and full when i left the establishment.

leg006 leg8

I wanted to go home and rest for a big day prepared but i cant say no to coffee and some sweets maybe. so there i was enjoying my hot mocha and blueberry cheesecake for an hour (“;

Woke up a early hoping the weather will be perfect for my itinerary but i was disappointed that it rained so hard. decided to deviate my plans for the morning. i went to Cathedral and Naga Church instead and took good pics of these old buildings.  Had my breakfast at Bigg’s with unlimited coffee.

leg00 leg3 leg77 leg99


rain can’t stop me to go and check Lignon Hill…took the Loop 1 jeepney and whallah I am on top of the hill. Though i was not lucky to see Mayon on a morning or enjoy the panoramic of Legazpi at least i was enjoying the cold and gloomy weather.

To compensate the cold and freezing morning, i decided something contrast. Yes and yes… cold and hot, fire and ice and it is the Sili Ice Cream of 1st Colonial. It was an experienced i would say combination of sweet, cold and fiery.

Its almost 11 when i completed almost everything in my list… and thought would be enough for a weekend escape. headed back to Balai Tinay to prepare for my flight back to Manila.

around 12:50PM i was on my way home…



Magayon… my weekend stop @Bicolandia – Lake Buhi

sinarapan (Mistichthys luzonensis) is a specie of fish in the goby family, Gobiidae, and the only member of the monotypic genus Mistichthys. It is endemic to the Philippines, where it occurs along the Bicol River and in Lakes BuhiBatoKatugday, and Manapao in Camarines Sur – wikipedia.

buhi2 buhi3 buhi4 lake8 buhi5 buhi7lake1 buhi8buhi10

From history books to blogs…you will be challenged to take a side trip and visit Lake Buhi. Originally i was planning to see the Itbog Falls and the Lake but instead found myself dining at Buhi Lake Resort. The place was big and spacious with 3 floors for the main hotel and another annex for private bookings. One big pool facing the Lake is beautiful and they are planning to have the floating resto completed soon. The owner is a Cebuano by heart owning hotel in Mactan and was kind enough to offer me a trip to Itbog if I stay for a night but i said next time would be best with more time to explore Buhi.


The breakfast served was sumptuous and money’s worth for 150php given came with freshly brewed coffee . I must say this place is one to be re-visited soon, not only because of the renowned Sinarapan, Lake but also the history, faith and people.

Magayon… my weekend stop @Bicolandia – Naga

during my pencil pushing days…i always love History and stuff. I even considered myself as the class historian, not to bragged got the elementary award for it and during high school i also was one of the top students.

Nuff said, but seeing Mt. Mayon once named “7 Wonders of the World and the other with Almost Perfect Cone” was a long overdue dream.

Booked my ticket last year for me to add a check on my list, After a number of blog sites to check on and compare to, wallah!!! i was on my way to Bicol Region. Flight was around 8AM MNL and i was rushing straight from work not to miss my flight.


Arrived late morning and greeted by a cloudy Legazpi City. Mayon was so shy when i first attempted to take pic at the Airport. I directly hopped on the next available UV Van to Naga City and took almost 2 hrs with the traffic on some areas where bridges were under repair and what so other things DPWH were busy of. Took a tricycle going to Naga Land Hotel and paid the regular rate of 8Php. Checked in with no hassle since booking done online and i was given the room on the 3rd Fl for single occupant. I didn’t waste any time freshen up and off to go for my city tour under the gloomy afternoon.


Since my hotel is just few meters away from my first list: San Fransisco Church Ruins -took pictures and offer candles and prayers then crossed the street and enjoyed the Quince Martires Park.


Few hundred meters is the next destination: Naga Metropolitan Cathedral, Holy Rosary Minor Seminar, Archbishops’ Palace, Universidad de Santa Isabel. Rode another tricycle going to Peñafrancia Shrine and walked my way to Our Lady of Peñafrancia Basilica for sightseeing and more prayer offerings. Another walk to Magsaysay St. where coffee shops, restaurants, and bars are located, i found myself dining to their local version of Jollibee the Bigg’s Diner. Ordered spaghetti since i was not the starved. The place was as described by the bloggers, all about 80s its as if you are walking the memory lane. Starbucks was just few steps from the diner and was able to checked it for later. Headed back to the hotel for a quick nap.


Woke up at around 8PM and my tummy was acting already…remembered i listed one name for possible dinner location, the Naga Garden Resto. As mentioned on the blogs it is a carenderia type resto but will satisfy your Bicol cravings and true enough i asked for Laing and Bopis with rice and good thing they had free soup of kinalasan. My consumption for the night was then filled.

Walking through the busy streets of the City pushed my a little closer to the City Hall and Luneta Park. and captured few lights and sights of the Centro.

naga33 naga44 naga66

Still early evening and I was not sleepy yet, so i decided to head to Magsaysay and check few bars with good relaxing music and thanks to the good Kuya . With acoustic and SanMig Apple on my left hand, i managed to make myself comfortable alone. Oh forgot to say the TV was there to entertain me too while the band was on break. Done with a bottle and PBA i took tricycle going to Starbucks for a cup and enjoyed it for an hr or two.

Ended the day tour at Naga with good feeling…from churches to good walk to the city to my fave coffee.

that day…iamamarathoner!!!

A day before the most anticipated event of my running life Feb 15, my first MARATHON was a little disaster. Js car broke down on our way to Nuvali and waited few hours to have it fixed but no luck. I decided to commute instead since they already decided not to go. Good thing about commuting to Nuvali is the advantage that you had an experience last time and pretty much hassle free already. I was feeling anxious, sad, tired and almost gave up but I kept my cool and instead continued the road to the finish line.

“That day remains very special to me and if I had one day to live over in my lifetime, it would be my first marathon.” – Dick Traum, first amputee to run the New York City Marathon. I think i’ll ponder on these words… for me it was truly very special, not only i looked forward on seeing and calling myself a marathoner at last.  Like they said, “not everyone can be an olympian, but we can be a marathoner…” true and more truth.

IMG_227737779671 IMG_60763312966893 IMG_150988945663665 DSC_2194-MOTION

Crossing the finish line after more than 5 hours made me a different person. Why? because i saw how hard i pushed and not gave up along the way, though i was not able to end on my target time… still, thankful . I am also more than grateful to all who were there on my training, personal struggle with schedule just to squeeze in my LSDs and gym to the pacers and dream catchers who who willingly and happily cheered and gave their big smiles.


That feeling when you are at the finish line was beyond OHMYGOD #iamamarathoner…raising the TBR banner was one of my favorite moment of my LIFE. Yes, i did it right the first time!!!…my first @TBRDREAMMARATHON.


one Road… The Bull Run Dream Marathon

i’ve been running since Elementary days but lost track for years…

a good friend J introduced me be back to one of my passion, RUNNING.

I should say, it is more than a sport but love…from my first 5Km to my 10Km to 16.8Km to 21Km to 32Km one’s dream is to finish a MARATHON. like few of my running friends they fulfilled that one big DREAM at The Bull Run Marathon.

J was kind enough to help out reserve and register our names since the slots were limited.  Six long months was given as the training schedule, includes talk about health, running tips, and some healthy stuff needed to get ready for the big day. And unfortunately, my schedule did not allow me to attend any of the sessions except the last one for the Send-off Party held at Unilab Center in Mandaluyong where runners enjoyed games, photo-ops and received the kits.



Seeing anxious, excited, happy and joy faces made me realized i missed half of road to marathon.