Wolfie inside Leonardo de Caprio

I always love watching Leo, always has and always will be. Fascination started like others with Titanic…no question with his good looks coz I bet no one would and will ever dare.

This movie like other de Caprio’s not only showed the best in him but also added more humor, well for me at least….the acting where he crawled like Skylark his daughter as he decribed was hilarious and well portrayed as a super addict, high with Lemmon 714 the legendary drug pill.
Leo’s portrayal as a hungry wolf in this movie was superb, that would convince you to starve as well… to be a millionaire or be rich for that matter. Added by the supporting casts with exceptional attitudes made this craft beyong wonderful at least for me if I am sounding a little bias here.
I would not ask for a better Best actor for this year’s Oscars than the man who gave Jason Belfort himself. Good one!