a Friend’s “I Do”

as early as July, we were all advised that December 26, 2013 will be the date our dear friend in college is getting married. I am personally surprised and happy…no negative meant, but Jai have been the quite and simple one during college days.

Jai was reunited with her high school classmate and and our fellow Technologian few years back and continued exchange of sweet notes online and wallah… the date was set!

left home as early as 2AM MNL to avoid the holiday rush at the airport since its my first time travelling during Christmas season. flight scheduled at 5:30am and i arrived at Cebu-Mactan International Airport ahead of schedule. took cab and directly headed to Jazzy’s pension.

already at Waterfront Lahug before 10AM as directed by our friend Patrick the wedding coordinator for the pre-wedding pictorials and some catching ups with old buddies and confidants. True enough, their make-up and preps took longer because of the pictures and chats in between.


The bride; Jai-jai looks dazzling and super beautiful.


The souvenir: gorgeous and well-made.

The entourage: ohwell, we are as always be the beauties no contest needed. hehehe


Wedding was held at Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral around 2PM MNL; the solemnity of the ceremony and the sweetness of the newly weds completed the afternoon.

jai jai4jai1


Reception followed at Cebu Sports Club, decorated impressively… the guests were treated with pica-picas while waiting for the program to commence.

The food was delicious and the oh my the cake… beautiful!!


Indeed, a match-made in heaven couple… congrats Jai and Dex!


a run with a brand for a cause… Nike #werunmanila

my second time to join Nike WERUNMANILA…

as a brand i personally love Nike, ins’t it obvious? Running with Nike is already part of my lifestyle. I run not only because I wanted to get healthy, but also I want to enjoy friends company, meet fellow enthusiasts and others too.

Nike aficionados are all excited every first week on December…because its our turn not only to show off our brand but also join its annual WeRunManila, this time its more meaningful because it will be dedicate to Yolanda victims and survivors.


Held at Marikina City, not the usual fun run route but we managed to enjoy and complete 10K with a good time.

Enjoyed the freebies and had a sumptuous birthday dinner treat by Joana Azcueta my running buddy.