sandy Boracay

2nd is a charm…indeed its TRUE!

arrived via Kalibo around dinner time and checked in at Fairways and Bluewater Executive Suites. the place was nice but the security was so OA, they could have checked front desk if some names are scheduled for check in instead of asking guests to get a copy of booking which was hassle.

welcome drink was served and the waiting area was big enough to accommodate a number while enjoying their WIFI. our room was very nice and spacey and it consummates the price.

Boracay is a beauty…




Highlands of Sagada…

happy to know that i’ll be adding new check to my bucket list… SAGADA.

after few hours of trip from Banaue we arrived to Poblacion, Sagada. truly it is much easier to recognized that you are entering the area because the temperature literally changed and could be felt physically.


our tour guide directly brought us to the coffin garden and Sumaguing Cave, i was or should i say we were not ready with what was ahead of us. the cold running water and the waist-deep adventure inside Sumaguing was a breathtaking experience. Not only you will be marveled by the stalactites and stalagmites but as well as the beauty of other rock formations. Kuya guide injected humor to make it more enjoyable but i forgot his name. We completed the tour with smiles on our faces together with Marius and the German couple.

DSC_0726 DSC_0737 DSC_0743 DSC_0745 DSC_0746

Checked-in at Rock Inn and Cafe/Rockfarm after more than 1Km walked from the highway thinking it was just a Km away as mentioned outside. the place was great and homey and clean and best impression staff were nice and courteous. we were greeted with welcome drinks and since our last meal was breakfast like 6 or 7 hrs past. ordered one of their best Salpicao and pancit and freshly squeezed orange juice picked outside our room.

DSC_0769 DSC_1012

after we freshen up, we headed to Poblacion and since it was after 3PM and no more ride we decided to walk for more than 30mins and took few pics along the way.

we also tried the Yogurt acclaimed by few bloggers as one of the best…for me it was just fine.


Personal tours were quite expensive in Sagada, each guide will cost around 300-400 Php.

good thing there were group of young guys looking for a less expensive tour and agreed to form a group and equally divide the price for the tour guide, Kiltepan Sunrise View, small falls, Bomod-ok falls and Hanging Coffins.

DSC_0845 DSC_0858 DSC_0866

*Kiltepan Sunrise View – not just breathtaking but as well as physically challenging because it was on top of Sagada plus its early morning around 5AM, you cant imagine the temperature we tried to endure waiting to witness the beauty of the sun early morning and seeing it on the highland of Sagada.


*Small Falls – located near Poblacion was just few 100 meters walk from our Hotel.

DSC_0944 MOV_0946

*Bomod-ok Falls – 30-45mins ride from Poblacion, a different tour  guide was hired. The almost an hr trek was challenging and gratifying because you get to experience the highs of the routes and see locals and the best part? walking on the terraces. Big falls stand on its name as it was truly magnificent and big…COLD is a thing when i tried to get closer to the falls, i promised to swim even for 5-10 mins and yes i did. stayed for hours just looking and loving the beauty of Bomod-ok.

DSC_0973 DSC_0750

*Hanging Coffins- fascinating as seens in postcards and prints, it was their way of being close to nature. they believed that we came from nature and once we die we should return to nature.


We ended our day tour with a couple of beers and board games in one of the cozy and unique bar…

Puerto Princesa Underground River and City Tour

woke up excited since its the day!!! been looking forward to finally see one of the Seven Wonders of the World before it was named last year.

we were picked up by a travel agent around 9am a little late from the actual schedule of 8am, nevertheless MAG provided us a nice tour and a happy guide. took more than an hour from the city to the drop off point with a quick stop for pee and other things.

arrived at the port for the motorized banca that would bring us to the Underground River and make this wish list one check added. I was in awe when we finally entered the underground and as we continue with our trip indeed it is one great experienced. But one thing though, this foreign guy commented that the guide could have used his humor to clearly explain some details of the rock formation instead of some green jokes and comments, which i think was a good suggestion. the entire navigation of the Underground River was fun and entertaining credit to Kuya guide. We ended our trip with a buffet near the port but missed to try Talakitok a local worm delicacy because i am not if i can.



On our way back to the city, we decided to drop off for more caving and climbing…Marius and I together with another couple had an exciting climb, rappel, crawl and glide to the Humming Cave. Like they usually say once on top, no other way but to go down..but this time its with grace. like graceful Superman Zippy going down!!!



Ended the entire day with a picturesque of Pristin Beach and the sunset…little life form and the sea made my day complete.
Dinner of course is something i look forward too .. but today is something special @La Terrasse. had a three-meal course and wine to complete the entire scenery. the place was cozy and full of beat to entice not just your appetite but as well as your mode to enjoy your company.





the 3rd…its Palawan Tour

woke up with one of the worst hangover, having said that Belgian beers truly are the best for me yet.

took us less than 30mins to prepare our things and checked out to be able to catch our flight for Puerto Princesa Palawan via Tiger Airways.
DSC_0028 DSC_0039
after an hr or so mins of airtime, yahoo!!! here we are PPP…after 3 yrs of planning and cancelled flights i can’t believe fin’lly here for my 32nd and not just me its with Marius.
DSC_0041 DSC_0062 DSC_0063
checked in to Blue Lagoon Inn & Suites, a private villa was assigned to us facing the beautiful pool situated right in the middle of the villas. The place was clean and pretty much a family type of ambiance where you can bring the entire folks and have a nice and tight bonding moments. ’nuff said…i was past lunch time and we were starving to death only to realized that the last meal we have was like 7PM Manila and no in between.. hahaha
DSC_0042 DSC_0056 DSC_0059
badj DSC_0057
growling stomachs were satisfied with big meal – fiesta size it is offered by Badjao Seafront… sorta of floating resto in the heart of the city… but it was lowtide so you wont really say it was floating though.. but i guess the idea maybe is different if its hightide, the breeze, the wave and water.. ohwell.
DSC_0080 DSC_0084 DSC_0097
with curiousity, dinner was all about tasting croc meat and all. ordered some cuisine with emphasizes on the meat was pretty okay. Maybe my expectations were to high or we ordered just plain meal for croc but nonetheless after few beers and pool game ended my day with another experience. (“;

a Day before 32nd…

it was day 4 after a special friend arrived for a short vacation…stayed at Shangrila Edsa from Sept 29 til the day I will be celebrating my 32nd.

Started the night with a sumptuous dinner at Yabu, a Japanese resto at SM Megamall where I basically enjoyed every bit and piece of the spice and taste. From fry to raw to rice to wine to everything…and of course the dine with someone i must say completed the meal perfectly.
Headed to Distillery Eastwood Citywalk for some booze but instead not just some booze, it was truly a night of worlds wonderful beers yet… *chimay blue  *trappistes rocheport *trappistes achel *orval *wine.
It was raining hard but didnt bother me and Marius to enjoy the new day, to be exact the 32nd. I clearly had a GREAT and WONDERFUL night a.k.a salubong I forgot how we get back to the hotel… (“;