The Great Gatsby 2013 film

I was expecting more and was not disappointed. More is not eenough how big and fabulous the movie was. Leo and Toby were the toppings why? Because the story and flow was fantastically delivered, showcased and portrayed. I may not be in the 1920s but at least for a moment there I experienced how to party and get drunk their way hehehe…


The best part for me was the first meeting after five long years of missing, longing and loving each other. And yes, I cried which I seldom admit in any occasion I watch a movie. Maybe becoz the last time I had tearful moments inside a cinema was Tangled. Anyhow, that perfect timing and raw and honest look to each other reminded me of how true love is and should be portrayed. J Gatbys smile is worth his million… I have no questions about how good Leonardo and Toby in this movie they were superb and brilliant!!! Love the Jazzy sound of Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love and others. Ohwell at the he died…all is well for this movie. For me… The great Gatsby…


Weekend Jump: Ilocandia

May 17: After a long days of work…alas, Its Friday! a quick  escape from the city and off to Ilocos Region. our Flight was scheduled 1pm and we were excited arrived at NAIA terminal 4 as early as 11am. Checked in immediately and had more than two hours to do whatever at the pre-departure area. My first time to ride TigerAir and hoping it wont be late as CebuPac and other local flights. as expected it was delayed, but just few minutes better than the previous carrier mentioned. The flight was an hour and fifteen minutes long and was surprised that we arrived on time. Rain and thunderstorms welcomed us at Laoag International Airport but still thankful it wasn’t bumpy despite the weather.



And here we are ready for our weekend escape…